Pathfinder / 3.5 "The Order of Fates Reserve: The Burden of Ages

The Order of Fates Reserve: The Burden of Ages. Epilouge
The Story So Far..
Whispers, written word, gossip and secret meetings held behind thick council and chamber doors all carry news of something very new, and very unknown throughout the Inner Sea region of Golarion. Things are rarely established without becoming the latest fodder of the rumor mill, chewed up and spit out at every meeting, private party and city function. The Order of Fates Reserve became a functional place and breathing fixture in almost all of the major cities before even the nosiest hand maiden or most observant alley beggar could speak its strangely majestic sounding name. The City Council who registers all new guilds and organizations wasn’t consulted and the proper channels weren’t followed. This prompted them to send their inquisitors out to learn exactly where this Order as it was calling itself operated. Lengthy searches, witness interrogations and even a few false claims by those who could prove they were members which turned out to be phony or perpetrated by beggars with self made mud brands on their foreheads which smelled of other substances proved fruitless. Flustered and about to have the city guard begin deeper interrogations and perhaps physical violence to discover this Order’s location were close to becoming a reality. What however was the issue, what about a shadowy group would be so disconcerting?
The Order of Fates Reserve flew in the face of all of this at first, but then one day a well dressed Wizard and his female Sorceress companion paid a visit to every City Council Chamber in all cities, they completed the proper procedures to register the Order as an “Artifact and Research Order of Magical Studies Organization” listing their intentions of recruiting adventurers to recover lost artifacts so that they might be cataloged and kept safe from the hands of those who would misuse them. They paid the necessary fees, several months in advance in gold held in ornate velvet bags and promptly left. What became a sigh of relief for the Councils became a bigger curiosity and in part worry for the Royalty. Artifacts of power, under one Order’s control? The presumption. The other magical guilds weren’t in this loop either. Their representatives on the Councils were up in arms. This wouldn’t stand, not at all. Problem was? Their actual base of operations couldn’t be found. Every brick and mortar of each city was searched, all buildings were verified as resided in or vacant but The Order wasn’t in any of them. Worry grew like a slow vine into paranoia. Some of the cities just gave up trying to learn anything further. Druma, a place tightly bonded in its trade and wealth control was one such place that spent tireless manpower and hours looking for this Order of Fates Reserve. Several months passed in Druma, and the mid month term of payment to the Council by each registered Guild were made. It was then that a plan was formulated, to follow this Wizard and Sorceress back to their operating base and finally have its location. Several guards as well as two Council representatives were disguised as nomadic traders, loaded carts full of mock goods and adorned hooded clothing. They took up key positions around the Council building and awaited their arrival.
Soon the pair were spotted as they walked arm in arm along the streets as if they hadn’t a care about anything in the world. Exiting the Council after having delivered their monthly tithe to allow permit of their Order in the city. They proceeded to walk back the way they had come, and soon many of those lying in wait were following them closely. Walking through most of the city proper, moving into the less populated areas and stopping several times to sit and talk, drink tea from cups that seemed to have been filled without a pot. Although not lovers, they were very close companions and onward they walked even further. Trying the patience of the tails they hadn’t been aware they had grown over their long meandering walk. Perhaps it was fatigue of mind, half a step not been taking further. A corner they turned too sharply. Whatever it was, they were suddenly gone. No spell used or not one that had any tell tale sign. A wide open alley in broad mid days sunlight and they were simply gone. Frothing at the mouth now the Council’s planner who had devised this ruse insisted they have people in this location the following month to see where they emerged from. The day came and went, the pair came and dropped off their tithe again. The man stationed at the location saw nothing. Onward the rumors and the worries followed but to no abating. No one claimed membership. When questioned the pair would simply reply they hadn’t begun recruiting as of yet. What would become a legendary thing had simply popped softly into existence. The Order of Fates Reserve was here to stay.
Your day began and ended very much the same way it always has, duties to perform, places to visit, meals to enjoy, coin to be had or taken if that is your way about it and it wasn’t till the last remnants of the days light creeped through your window, your Inn room shutters or even your log in the woods that you discovered something new amongst your belongings. Perhaps you had picked up this strange piece of fabric while sitting at the local Tavern and eating your supper, from within the pocket of a person who you accidentally found your hand in. Dark blue with purple accents, seemingly ordinary…..until it began to glow a soft white and purplish until an object began to emerge from within the fabric which was now actually a full cloth bag of some sort, popping out a small white-blue-purple gemstone falling softly into your hands and where it emerged these words now forming in mid air before your eyes… The Order of Fates Reserve Welcomes You – Bring the stone to Canorate and Seek the

wall where those in chalk they embrace forever in the dance….there Rub the stone and close your eyes…..


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